Reviewed: Sololust – Dato [Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible]

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Reviewed: Sololust – Dato [Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible]



Dato, Sololusts new EP on the genre defining Dutch label Enfant Terrible, combines some fierce oldschool Dato DUO energy with the fire of creating tracks in the moment. Adding a drop of rainy acid melancholia, Dato is a worthy return of Sololust after his last EP, dating back to 2015. As usual, Enfant Terrible continues to exist through the hype of the moment, which funnily enough is now circling back to minimal electronics, minimal wave, and EBM.


A1. Dato1
A2. Dato8
A3. Dato10
B1. Dato5
B2. Dato6


The EP is a back and forth between energies, fast and forceful, commanding and empathetic. Dato1 is a quite fast paced opening track, showing off the capabilities of the Dutch Dato DUO. In slight contrast to Sololusts previous output like Total Loss, which was more dreamlike, Dato1 aims straight for the dancefloor. Mixing in a distinct groove through the drums and the varying synth loops and a little freestyle towards the end, this track becomes a driving force. Dato8 offers a big emotional contrast, something that makes this record so enjoyable. Again, deriving force from a strict beat, the synth once again demands presence by shaping a moody, overcast landscape.

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