Reviewed: Stave & Grebenstein – Live From Frankfurter Straße [Standards & Practices]

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Stave & Grebenstein – Live From Frankfurter Straße [Standards & Practices]

Jonathan Krohn and Jan Grebenstein embark on a renewed collaborative effort, this time solidified on wax. Live From Frankfurter Straße combines both of their unquestionable efforts in the post-Techno/Industrial genre and brings it to an even more powerful level of experimentation. The tracks on the vinyl bear signatures of both artists considering the immersive tempo switches, yet we also can recognize their individual expertise. The listener finds Stave in the harsh Industrial influences, taking for example his last output on UVB-76, ATK EP. At the same time the tense cut-throat minimalism can be attributed to Grebenstein. Considering their stylistic similarities, Live From Frankfurter Straße proves that the sum of these two artists does push the envelope and makes up something more than the whole.



A. Alfa
B1. Stirn
B2. Verstärkerstufe


Alfa on the A-side is a rhythmically pleasing burner, giving just that edge needed with the high pitched tones and spacious drums. The continuous switches in pace provide the necessary room for introspection in between. Stirn works around grainy Orphx-like textures with bubbly, airy lifts aiding the contrasting ritualistic slow drum to full expression. Combining elements from the two previous tracks, Verstärkerstufe drives the density of material overlap further into controlled, uncomfortable insanity.


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