Reviewed: Tommy Holohan – Skull Crushing Techniques [HAVEN]

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Tommy Holohan – Skull Crushing Techniques [HAVEN]

HAVEN continues to dish rave-minded tracks with true destructive intent. After the first two vinyls on the label, produced by the rather well-known Keepsakes and Ayarcana, HAVEN now welcomes the young Irish Tommy Holohan for his debut. This is not much of a surprise after his surge to popularity following his Techno & Cans residency. As straightforward as he seems about his DJing, the tracks on Skull Crushing Techniques too are no-nonsense dancefloor interpretations. Infusing the quite crazy spirit of the Irish when it comes to partying, we stumble upon something which is at times no less than banging.



A1. 1117
A2. Fairy Cakes
A3. Skull Skrushers
B1. Ask For Absolution
B2. The Wheat From The Chaff


1117 opens the A-side leading with a short speech from Charles Manson backed by some pleasing, noisy textures. The speech also appears in the Psychic TV track Neurology, where it signaled an uncomfortable oncoming madness of a system where the reverend’s speech contrasted the recording of Manson. It could definitely be that Holohan tries to draw a parallel with the spirit of Psychic TV. Fairy Cakes continues straight on with a heavy industrial kick, turned into broken beat anthem-aspiring track with, sadly, very recognizable DnB elements. Skull Skrushers sounds like a frantic alarm, meant to go off during the heat of the club night.
The B-side offers a cooler, contemporary perspective on fast techno music (also seen in the Scandinavian or Greek scenes), drawing inspiration from the early 00’s breakneck tempo and 90’s vocal sampling. Especially the B1 Ask For Absolution succeeds far better in containing the contemporary straightforward, hedonistic party culture.

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