Reviewed: VA – Annihilation [UNHEARD] w/ Solarmental, S.V.R.A., Liza Rivs, Frequency Shifter, Staðleysu

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VA – Annihilation [UNHEARD] w/ Solarmental, S.V.R.A., Liza Rivs, Frequency Shifter, Staðleysu


Annihilation is the first offering coming our way from residents of the (meanwhile) infamous KHIDI club Liza Riva and Frequency Shifter, along local talents Solarmental and Staðleysu, and label-head S.V.R.A.. The club in Tbilisi has been a beacon for self-expression, along other venues in the country’s capital, nurturing a music scene blossoming under a regime of cultural repression. KHIDI’s lineups show many European club how it is done and this physical release initiated by locals for local artists, even the artwork is done locally by Andro Gogibedashvili, is yet another fierce act of brother/sisterhood.

Track list:

A1 Solarmental – The Merchant Of Minds
A2 S.V.R.A – Unborn Happiness
B1 Liza Rivs – No Tears
B2 Frequency Shifter – What Comes After
B3 Staðleysu – CLRMNT


All tracks on Annihilation share the same cutthroat emotion: sharp, dangerous, and inviting. The A-side kicks off with Solarmentals The Merchant Of Minds, a teasing, slowly unfolding track, growing in expression until the groovy kick drum loops in, evoking a certain sensuality fit for the small hours in a club. Unborn Happiness borders on pure nihilism, thumping and rolling through mercilessly, until it resembles the dark dub techno found on M_REC. The output of S.V.R.A. (Shadow in a Versatility of a Random Anthem) ranges from ambient, to more dub techno, occasionally stricken with a bittersweet melody.

On the B-Side we find No Tears, a slow industrial techno track, with a beat and guitar sample relating to contemporary body music culminating in a drone-filled energetic outburst. The personal favorite on the tape is Frequency Shifters What Comes After, also premiered here, offering a change of tempo, signaling that the end of the tape is not yet reached. A joyous, shameless display of sweat, lust, and pain. Finally, we have CLRMNT wrapping up the mood nicely with a minimalist, texturized approach.

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