Reviewed: Valentin Mase – Blood Saga w/ Razbibriga Remix [ABYSS Recordings]

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Valentin Mase – Blood Saga w/ Razbibriga Remix [ABYSS Recordings]


The young German producer Valentin Mase presents his first EP on ABYSS. Blood Saga contains three high-quality originals that, in terms of technique, don’t give away that Mase only started his career in 2017. Although Blood Saga shows a distinct evolution from Sky Turned Red EP on Planet Rhythm, the relentless driving beat and a certain will to reinvent old-school techno remain throughout Mase’s three releases. We hear Mase going from early broken beat, Italian style techno in Sky Turned Red to 90s Industrial in Military Lies and Blood Saga. ABYSS recognized the talent in the producer from Berlin and, as they mention in their release notes, had the intention to move from various artist releases to individual releases.


A1. Valentin Mase – Blood Saga
A2. Valentin Mase – Battle Power Group Angels
B1. Valentin Mase – She Glanced at the Hazy Sky
B2. Valentin Mase – She Glanced at the Hazy Sky [Razbibriga Remix]


Blood Saga opens with the title track on A1, immediately crafting a very intense atmosphere through the used effects of clashing metal. A crunchy drum mimics the forging of steel before the battle ensues. Whether it is a worldly or heavenly kingdom that needs to be protected is ambiguous, but the mood certainly reminds of Ancient Methods’ work.
Battle Power Group Angels is a composition relying mostly on its demanding, rolling percussion to signal movement and force. She Glanced at the Hazy Sky surprises with its light melody and recurring synth weaving itself through the percussion, continued from Battle Power Group Angels. This track could very well be the standout in a dj set. The remix done by the Serbian Razbibriga infuses a nice, modern take on broken beat techno known from legends like Rumenige and Loktibrada, and about halfway, the track reminds of Lag’s Kontrola. All in all, it is pretty apparent that the EP with its great artwork is constructed to be a story of a fierce battle. Stylistically and technically well-rounded.


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