Viscerale picks: Sounds and Aesthetics

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Viscerale picks: Sounds and Aesthetics


”Dear Zenevloed, you asked me what media influences my sound and aesthetic.”

Breaking free

Throughout the years I would say I´ve gone through many changes when it comes to inspirational sources, as media developed too. I was born in the 80’s and my first contact with music happened through the radio, apparently I loved New German Wave a lot.

My parents raised me very strictly and sent me to piano school when I was six, where I got a classical education. As a teen I broke out and refused it, I preferred to sit for hours in front of the radio or MTV and tried to play the pop songs or catch my favorite tracks to record mix-tapes, from Hip Hop to Post Punk. It was a fulltime dedication and the only way to express myself, since I was limited in my freedom.
I discovered the Internet with MySpace and pretty late, both places were incredible to connect with like-minded people and to discover or share new art and music, which I would usually only do with friends. I also loved to play my mix-tapes at bar nights. Speaking of nightlife, the tiny Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg was my place to be. They are known for their diverse music program and my favorite night was Sunday, where they invited experimental electronic music acts. Going out was not about party, but about the experience of live sets.


On art as an inspiration

In terms of aesthetics I made early contact in my childhood with abstract paintings and sculptures. Later on I found satisfaction in painting and drawing and decided to study fashion design, although I wanted to study Fine Arts. I was fascinated with the art history, contemporary art, new technologies, science, architecture and films like A Clockwork Orange. I could seek my inspiration from almost anything and the outcome of my work would be mostly experimental and far from reality.


The big move

When I moved to Berlin 7 years ago, I found myself in the industrial music scene and met a lot of like-minded people. It was exciting to experience noise shows and go to techno raves. Everything seemed more hardcore than in Hamburg, here I could finally express myself without being afraid. Annual music festivals like CTM and Atonal created a deep impact and new friendships.
At the same time I tried to produce with Ableton and through a funny incident I traded a hot sauce for an Akai APC 40. Although I had friends in music who could show me how it works, I felt overwhelmed by the possibilities. I enjoyed to DJ, and began to release mixes on Soundcloud, which led to me being requested to create podcasts. Shortly after I played at a few parties and it was terrifying and stressful for me, so I let it go for a few years. Meanwhile, I got consumed by the Internet and was unable to cope with the unlimited amount of new material there. What used to be relaxing for me, now made me anxious. So I started to listen to old records and tapes again, which became a morning ritual, with Sisters of Mercy for example. I also discovered my soft spot for antique objects and started to collect lithography and vintage fetish magazines that gave me new inspiration and drive.

On finding the balance

Almost one year ago I got really motivated to start DJ’ing again and I could finally embrace my passion and channel it in the right way. My endless hunger for new sounds made sense again, so the journeys vary in style from EBM, Noise, Industrial Techno to Acid, Gabber and Trance. After I bought my first synthesizer and drum machine, I found a playful way to create sounds.
We live in a fast paced world where media is influencing our minds in good and bad ways but we can still choose what we consume. It´s important to decelerate and breathe sometimes but I like to push my boundaries and explore new worlds, at the same time I have my nostalgic moments, which I embrace as well. I want to be able to give something back to the audience, to stimulate their minds and exchange power through sounds and feelings. The same way I experience it the other way around.
It feels like pure liberation to me.