Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of February

….Picks gives the chance to an artist/collective to showcase sounds which have inspired a certain moment.


Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of February


With past January bringing us our first event in the morgue with Attic61 and WADR, we are busy preparing our next secret rave. Along preparations, we of course have had time to explore new sounds over the month of February! We have decided to compile this monthly list, because of the sheer amount of underground releases that simply deserve a mention due to their beautiful quality, cutting-edge sound, and inspiring artwork. This list is in no particular order! As always we will also provide links to where you can buy these gems and support the artists/collectives.


01. Restive Plaggona – Ego Driven [Several Minor Promises]

Restive Plaggona, along his various aliases, has been one to watch for some time. After releases on Thrènes and a remix on Strange Therapy as Matriarchy Roots, we have been very pleased to see him return on Several Minor Promises with a release of considerable size. Consisting out of unsigned tracks, the release audibly follows up on the Sacred Court release and pulls the mastered cinematic ambience to one consciously evoking both raw introspection and eerie grandeur. Outstanding is the track Compromise pulling together a weighted march, a ferocious melody and sharp percussion.


Release is available via: https://severalminorpromises.bandcamp.com/album/ego-driven


02. VA – The Warmest Hum [Vaknar]

The Warmest Hum delivers an ode to the fuzzy, warm, tactile, oftentimes alienating murmurs stemming from the magnet tape medium. Exploring varied emotions conveyed in intimate compositions, the compilation is a sincere gesture to expand on the theme of audible tangibility.



Release is sold out, but digital album is available here: https://vaagner.bandcamp.com/album/the-warmest-hum


03. Saba Alizadeh – Scattered Memories [Karlrecords]

Re-released via Karlrecords, Scattered Memories caught my personal attention as I always try to keep an eye on the contemporary Persian experimental scene. Extraordinarily vivid and fragrant with highly enjoyable blossoms, the scene blooms and with that shows her intense bloodred heart. Saba Alizadeh and other pioneers and forerunners always strike a chord with me. Scattered Memories lets the Kamancheh and Santur weep tears in a foreign country, a cry resonated and heard within every part of me that is Iranian.


Buy vinyl via https://karlrecords.bandcamp.com/album/scattered-memories


04. James A. McDermid – In Little Swallows [Shimmering Moods Records] (pic)

Shimmering Moods Records have brought out some of our absolute (all time) ambient favorites (check Parallelisms Angular Geometry!). In Little Swallows is an overwhelming work of art, continuously echoing in a thick night air. A chaotic piece of outerinnerworld beauty.



Buy CD via: https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/in-little-swallows-2


05. Ship Sket – Bamboo Torture [HEELZONE]

Two mindwarping, stabbing, nasty, acute examples of deconstructed (lovely word) grime. The Italian HEELZONE is presenting something fresh down the trails Lorenzo Senni and the likes have blazed.


Buy via https://heel-zone.bandcamp.com/album/hd-013-bamboo-torture-ep


06. The Newcomer – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine [Opal Tapes]

The soundtrack to an episode of capitalist psychosis. This rerelease of bubbly algorithmic communication loops unfixes the mental capacities to understand the flow and limits of time. And so it goes!

Buy via: https://opaltapes.com/album/reality-used-to-be-a-friend-of-mine


07. VA – Access To Hyperspeed [V.A.L.I.S. Records]

Bring back good (hard)trance! A release full genre-defying cocoons of ecstacy, releasing us back into outer space.



Order via: https://valisrec.bandcamp.com/releases


08. OAKE – 47019 [47]

OAKE introduces in 47019 a relatively unexplored sonic angle within their work, playing with the complementary forces of attraction and resistance, good and evil. The magnetic aspects of occult (Judaic) demonology and dark rituals are poured into a captivating release.

Buy via: https://47×47.bandcamp.com/album/47019


09. S S S S – Absence [Haunter Records]

Long, long awaited after dropping unreleased material into his Red Light Radio set for us (to be found here), Absence finally sees the light. Samuel Savenberg makes the weight of missing substance, empty interstitial spaces, and intense topographies skilfully audible. It’s as if you can see the spaces Savenberg creates by listening to his music.

Buy via: https://haunterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/absence


10. VA – Time Horizon II [XCPT]

Enjoyable VA featuring dancefloor-igniting tracks. All about finding the delicate middle ground, where the strobe and bass hit properly Somewhere between dark DnB (a la Overlook and Pessimist) and neuron expanding IDM (a la Autechre).

Buy via https://xcptmusic.bandcamp.com/album/xtime002-time-horizon-ii