Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of January

….Picks gives the chance to an artist/collective to showcase sounds which have inspired a certain moment.


Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of January


January 2019! New year, new releases to look forward to. This first month already pleasantly surprised us. We have decided to compile this monthly list, because of the sheer amount of underground releases that simply deserve a mention due to their beautiful quality, cutting-edge sound, and inspiring artwork. This list is in no particular order! As always we will also provide links to where you can buy these gems and support the artists/collectives.


01. January batch Audio.Visuals.Atmosphere w/

V.A. – The Field Out There
Joel Danielsson – Irr.licht
Thorsten Soltau – Fabella (The Original Reyneke Demos)
Modelbau – The Lateness of the Hour
Appropriate Savagery – Praise & Shame, The Burning Heart

A.V.A. breaks into the new year with 5 (!) amazing new releases, including many works from our close collaborators. Making it hard to choose, since all tapes are quite extraordinary in their own right, we label these as the January batch and highly recommend to listen, for those who enjoy warm soundscapes as much as abrasive cuts and textures, and take a peek at the beautiful artwork.

Buy tapes via: https://audiovisualsatmosphere.bandcamp.com/


02. Espacio Profundo – Laniakea [Zona Watusa]

“What are the moments in-between our thoughts?
The sound of being freshly awake… The noise of nature… This symphony of music the Wild makes when no one is there to disturb it. This is what this album is. This album breathes, it sheds its skin, its changes shape, it looks up at the sunlight that permeates through the leaves, and it vanishes leaving a tiny footprint in the mud of your memory. The music’s weightlessness is something to behold and inspect. You should cultivate and nurture it. ”

Stunning work by Spanish artist Espacio Profundo, already being one of our favorite electronic musicians when it comes to the interlacing of field-recording and electro-acoustic instrumentals.

Buy via: https://zonawatusa.bandcamp.com/album/laniakea-2


03. Iron Court – Thorns [Detriti Records]

Unrelenting EBM structures presented by Iron Court on the always-delivering Detriti Records. Going in head first, tracks like Dawn First make no pretense of being written for anything other than the dancefloor.

Buy via https://detritirecords.bandcamp.com/album/iron-court-thorns


04. Blear Moon – Fallow [Self-Released]

Czech ambient musician Blear Moon invites us to intimate sonic landscapes created from personal difficulties. Laying his soul bare on sketches of melodies, the anguish and derealization is felt piercing through, not just skin-deep.

“This album has it’s beginning in fall of 2017, after a heartbreaking divorce which led to a very ugly mental state where I was highly delusional and often experienced depersonalization and feelings of my life being unreal and untrue. In sudden bursts of energy during sleepless nights or after having a nightmare I found myself sketching melodies and producing sounds often without realizing it and with no memory of it after. In the course of Winter I continued to do it from time-to-time and compositions started to form. During the spring, some changes in my life turned me to the light and I decided to put my attention to mixing as it’s probably was forced to keep me from going insane. I kept this unpublished until beginning of 2019 for symbolic reasons, as this year means (for me) the biggest change, to move, and leave behind past sorrows.

Buy via: https://blearmoon.bandcamp.com/album/fallow


05. Shuta Yasukochi – By The Sea [ROHS! Lontano Series] (pic)

Calling the listener to switch to a slower pace, By The Sea is a warm beckoning, encouraging to dip into the lush blankets of white foam. Light tingles, the sun breaking through eyelashes in a multitude of colors.

Buy tape via: https://lontanoseries.bandcamp.com/album/by-the-sea


06. V-stók – Primordial Soup [Amek Collective]

V-stók finds a home for his electronic explorations on the Bulgarian Amek Collective (of which Mytrip and Evitceles have been in the Netherlands very recently!). Primordial Soup is a collage of capacities, minimal in approach, ranging from ambient to electro-acoustic to full-on noise.

Tape via: https://amekcollective.bandcamp.com/album/primordial-soup


07. Croatian Amor – Isa [Posh Isolation]


“Tracing reflections that float in the pool: the water is lost in all images. Two skies hold glass billboards.”

Loke Rahbek returns with full-length release Isa circling around the theme of communication in the digital. As per usual, there are some nice features to be found on this LP, such as In Alarm Light  with Soho Rezanejad. Claustrophobic vocals, schizoaffective samples, and timeless anxiety.

Vinyl via https://poshisolation.net/products/croatian-amor-isa-lp-pre-order/


08. ANFS – Trips To Nowhere [Agia Varvara Originals]

After last years releases on Horo and KAFTA, ANFS returns on new label Agia Varvara Originals with blood-curling, time-stretching tracks. Nudging more towards a ritualistic, aggressively sensual undertaking, the Greek producer shows yet another (dark) side of many.

Buy via: https://agiavarvaraoriginals.bandcamp.com/album/trips-to-nowhere-ep-avo-02


09. VA – Freedom Fighters [HARARA]

Emerging from the Levant, the new Palestinian record label Hَarَarَa – حَرَارَة presents the local electronic music scene and affiliates through a VA. Reacting to the current circumstances, curtailing their creative export, the VA presents nicely done industrial soundscapes and dubby techno.

Buy via: https://harara1.bandcamp.com/album/freedom-fighters-harva001


10. Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Mediate Between Them [Voidance Records]

Filled to the brim with amazing remixes, all taking a special position on interpreting the originals. Featuring an eardrum-piercing take on No Divine Savior by Berlin based Nene H. and fast-paced drum-oriented Sects remixed by Stave.

Buy via https://chafikchennoufkatsunorisawa.bandcamp.com/album/mediate-between-them