Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of March

….Picks gives the chance to an artist/collective to showcase sounds which have inspired a certain moment.


Zenevloed picks: 10 outstanding releases of March


Past the printed posters, hauled onto peeling plaster, tiles weeping sweat. The art of raving, our concrete playground. Next to a reputable institution holding archives of aggression, currently being dismantled by the new generations, we built our own establishment. March brought us several occasions where we found ourselves pushing the envelope once more: Tonotopic II and another Red Light Radio show.

We have decided to compile this monthly list, because of the sheer amount of underground releases that simply deserve a mention due to their beautiful quality, cutting-edge sound, and inspiring artwork. This list is in no particular order! As always we will also provide links to where you can buy these gems and support the artists/collectives.


01. Lakker – Época [R&S]

Unexhaustedly weaving folk rhythms and tribal melodies together, Época dives deeper into the polymorphous aesthetic of Lakkers previous releases. Picking up the atmospheric thread left on Eris HarmoniaÉpoca invites the duo’s vocal experimentations to flourish.

Release is available via: https://lakker.bandcamp.com/album/poca


02. Never Worse – Gutter w/ Oil Thief remix [Strange Therapy]

Never Worse delivers a six-track audio assault on the Dutch label Strange Therapy. Gritty, no-nonsense returns to the root of industrial music, cross-referencing heavy artillery with mind numbing factory machinery. Highly recommended are also Never Worse’s earlier releases.

Release is available here: https://strangetherapy.bandcamp.com/album/gutter



03. Ancestral Voices – Navagraha [Horo]

Conceptually, Navagraha might be one of the most intricate we have seen up until now this year. Referencing a plurality of hamonic systems, Ancestral Voices creates an array of emotions; taking us from the energized whole to the concentrated atomic. Binaural beats for audiophiles.

Buy vinyl via https://ancestralvoices.bandcamp.com/album/navagraha



04. Fire at Work – Atomic Spawn w/ Hypnoskull remix [Monolith Records] 

Following the previous release on Monolith Records, courtesy of label head Sirio Gry J, Fire at Work’s Atomic Spawn is another social commentary executed through relentless industrial techno. Frantic kicks grip through distorted synths, equalling chains and wheels of our consumerist society. Hypnoskull provides a delicious, delirious remix.

Buy via: https://monolithrecberlin.bandcamp.com/album/atomic-spawn



05. Fantastic Swimmers – Piano Concert I [Mahorka]

Introverted, stripped down improvisations by the Belarusian pianists Viktar Siamaška, Mišel Dailida, Maksim Subač, Darja Bahasłova, Illa Siŭcoŭ, and Maksim Iŭkin. Beautiful abstractions, somewhere in between contemporary classical music and free-spirited Jazz.

Buy via https://mahorka.bandcamp.com/album/piano-concert-i



06. Monoloc – Drought [Dystopian] 

Drought is a highly empathic EP, exploring musically detailed landscapes. Taking much influence from the sound crafted at his Unterland label, Monoloc presents a fine mixture of drone, dark ambient, and spacious broken beats for a (considerably) wider public.

Buy via: https://dystopian-music.bandcamp.com/album/monoloc-drought-ep



07. A.Dixen – Death Tapes Vol. 1 [ØEN Records]

(Taken from our full length review here): A.Dixen’s Death Tapes are a bittersweet release into inner latitudes, so intimate to us that they become increasingly foreign. As the motions of our society become automated, violent diurnal cycles internalized, the simplest questions on life and living become the boldest acts of resistance.

Buy tape via: https://oenrec.bandcamp.com/album/death-tapes-vol-1-en011



08. Yuri – Menat [Janushoved]

Choral sounds for a post-human Earth. If the aliens would visit a deserted and desolate land, this album would be an essential divulgence. With love from Copenhagen.

Buy via: https://yuriyuri.bandcamp.com/album/menat



09. Hviledag – Tape Opus no. 1 [Self-Released/Commissioned]

A roughly 20 minute lasting tape-loop meditation, reworking an iconic classical piece by Brahms into a modern mediation. Watch the video of the live(!) performance here.



10. Christopher Whitley – Solos [Fluid Audio] (pic)

Haunting, goosebump inducing stretched echoes gliding over shadowy meadows. Loops interlock and delays grow, treacherous tonal territories. Christopher Whitley proves to be a violin sorcerer here when painting analogues pictures of times faded away.

Release is sold out at https://fluidaudio.bigcartel.com/product/christopher-whitley-solos, remaining copies available at Norman Records.