Zenevloed picks: 15 outstanding releases of June and July

….Picks gives the chance to an artist/collective to showcase sounds which have inspired a certain moment.


Zenevloed picks: 15 outstanding releases of June and July


June and July. The start of a hot summer and the culmination of some important threads over at Zenevloed HQ. In between the plans for the new season, we have had an amazing Operator radio show with friend of the collective 3.14 (Pi Electronics / Modal Analysis). This time a bi-monthly list, with almost the double amount of interesting releases to take note of (and almost double the artists, as we have seen loads of nice splits or collabs pop up).

We have decided to compile this monthly list, because of the sheer amount of underground releases that simply deserve a mention due to their beautiful quality, cutting-edge sound, and inspiring artwork. This list is in no particular order! As always we will also provide links to where you can buy these gems and support the artists/collectives.


01. Heavy Days July batch w/ Profit Prison and Jordan Reyes

Heavy Days is a small independent label from Miami. Proving once again the diversity between the scenes in the USA, Heavy Days has been making a name for itself in the South Florida scene. Their July batch makes reference to noteworthy underground acts, with these two releases being extremely fitting for the hotter summer weather.

Profit Prison – Cost of Living

We might know Profit Prison, a synthpop project,  from his earlier releases on Avant! and Hospital Records. The earlier self-released Cost of Living has now found a place in the dark quarters of Heavy Days. Catchy, melancholic machine music, with beautiful guitar melodies, to lament the current course of society.


Jordan Reyes – A Night With My Aunt’s Dolls

Three beckoning ambient synth pieces, flowing beautifully into each other, creating at the same time a sense of home and homelessness.



02. Skru – Count Zero [Bastakiya Tapes]

Bedouin Records affiliated Bastakiya Tapes (RIP 2019) brings forth Skru‘s newest album Count Zero as their last offering. Heavily imbued with burialisms, this tape sounds like a dystopian afterthought to the reign of 00s dubstep. The Greek producer Skru meddles with the listener’s perception of time, creating altered states of consciousness – in between the broken beats.

Buy via: https://bedouinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/count-zero


03. Cyan85 – Bay Of Sampieri [Voitax]

The German producer Cyan85 draws up a fresh interpretation of Detroit electro on Voitax. Crafting worlds of its own, Bay of Sampieri serves as both a soundtrack for dystopian inner-city clubs and a quest to fiercely reclaim the murky waters of contemporary electro music. The B1 Astral Stream serves as a favorite.

Vinyl sold out. Buy digi via: https://voitax.bandcamp.com/album/bay-of-sampieri


04. ANMA – Osaka [Syncopathic Recordings]

Austria based Syncopathic Recordings released Osaka past June, produced by the label founder ANMA (Andreas Mangweth) inspired by travels to the Japanese city. Consisting out of six noisy escapades, the tape brings forth a pleasurable minimalism for true audiophiles. Spotty, grainy, dusty with a soulful piano leading the way.

Buy via: https://syncopathicrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/osaka


05. V-Stók – Insanity Check [DVNTT]

After his release Primordial Soup out on the always amazing label Amek, V-Stók‘s Insanity Check on DVNTT leaps forth and continues with more hardware for the bravehearted. Where Primordial Soup was a watery, cloudy, bacterial amalgam of mucous sounds, Insanity Check goes straight in with industrial percussion reminiscent of the evil turned machines of the noisy Belgian formation Selm (who also released with ANMA, see above!).

Buy via: https://dvntt.bandcamp.com/album/insanity-check


06. Félicia Atkinson – The Flower & The Vessel [Shelter Press]

“a record not about being pregnant but a record made with pregnancy.” (press release)

Burrowing, brooding tunneling of visions collected by Félicia Atkinson, forming an almost paranoid complex in all its gentleness. Revered in her artistry, Atkinson proves once again a sorceress of the void, but also a mother of space.


Buy via: https://shelterpress.bandcamp.com/album/the-flower-and-the-vessel-2


07. Peter Jørgensen – Alt i Stykker (All in Pieces) [No Technique] (cover photo)

Alt i Stykker is a true community endeavor, pulling great emotional labour into three formations pieced together by Jørgensen and his collaborators. No Technique has a special knack for releasing arresting compositions originating from Copenhagen’s tight-knit experimental scene. On For Countertenor & Ensemble we find for example vast, cinematic landscapes guided by hands playing cello and violin, immersing the listener into a deeply empathic state of reflection.

Buy via: https://pjorgensen.bandcamp.com/album/alt-i-stykker


08. Kali Malone – The Sacrificial Code [iDEAL Recordings]

This record has guided me (speaking from a very personal place) through some intense moments past months. Calming, almost salving, Malone‘s distinct organ works once again join a cold, stoney spatiality into a solemn marriage.

Buy double LP/3xCD via: https://idealrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-sacrificial-code


09. August Omens – Одно из обращений Земли вокруг свой оси (One of the Earth’s rotation around its axis) [ФАКТУРА (FAKTURA)]

FAKTURA is still very much under the radar, where they continue to spread the experimental good that Russia has to offer. One of the Earth’s rotation around its axis is a thoughtful, awestruck interpretation of a day in an Earth’s life. Minute, trickling, tickling synth bubbles grow as day breaks and sunlight melody washes over fields of green.

Buy tape via: https://faktura-ural.bandcamp.com/album/–11


10. Roberto Auser / Unhuman – Unhuman / Roberto Auser [Gooiland]

Enfant Terrible/Gooiland label head M. surprises once again with this insane split EP. The 12″ sports two slow burning tunes by the notorious Unhuman [Liber Null Berlin] side by side with Dutch experimentalist Roberto Auser (who we had on a Red Light Radio show here). The split presents two sides from the same coin, day and night, yet both as menacing as they can be. Ordering the release goes the old-school way: by sending an email.

Email via: https://www.enfant-terrible.nl/mailorder/enfant-terrible-releases/


11. Morgan Garrett / Sunk Heaven – Liquid Pane [Hot Releases]

Another split release featured in our Picks list combing dual force of chaos and reconstruction into a powerful dialog. NYC-based artists Morgan Garrett and Sunk Heaven, from the vast and exciting experimental scene spanning the USA, go in with an uncompromising at times alienating attitude.

Buy via: https://hotreleases.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-pane-2


12. Nick Klein & Lack – ii [Enmossed]

ii is an intimate archiving of the duo’s collaborative spirit, recorded in the boundaries of a ruinous NY warehouse. Providing for the right environment for their intent, Klein‘s grim modular synth patterns are washed over by Lack’s characteristic ambiances. Truly singular, the cover art accompanying this release is too a silent nod to the underground.


Buy/listen via: https://www.enmossed.org/product/nick-klein-lack-ii


13. Bergsonist & Greg Z – Carroll St. EP

Brooklyn transmissions from outer space, Bergsonist and Greg Z turn this self-released project into bouncy, acidic machine warfare.

Buy via: https://bergsonist.bandcamp.com/album/carroll-st-ep


13. Florian Kupfer – Observer [Obsolete Future]

Florian Kupfer‘s body of work is as vast as it is diverse. However, we take pleasure into showing this small, relatively hidden bit released on the Glasgow/Denver based label Obsolete Future. Contrasting the dancefloor oriented, Legowelt-esque tunes on Hot Mix Records and L.I.E.S., we find Observer in between the ultra-dreamy areas of Kupfer’s imagination, yet overwhelmingly pensive in its mood.


Buy via: https://obsoletefuture.bandcamp.com/album/observer-of019


14. Genetics and Windsurfing – Acoustic Essays and Hypotheses [International Winners]

One of the weirder EP’s covered in this edition of Picks, Acoustic Essays and Hypotheses sounds like Jan Jelinek on acid with a bunch of unpolished Raster demos worked in. Two deliciously wicked pieces to listen as if it were, indeed, an essay advocating a computer’s consciousness (and feeling of rhythm).

Buy via: https://internationalwinners.bandcamp.com/album/acoustic-essays-and-hypotheses-2


15. V.A. – LI​$​016 [Low Income $quad]

Croatia based LI$ returns again with a new Herculean effort of cutting-edge noisiness. The LI$ crew did an amazing job, curating the likes of DJ Loser, S S S S, Jaclyn Kendall, and many more onto a magnetic interface.

Buy via: https://lowincomesquad.bandcamp.com/album/li-016