Celldöd picks: “5 Albums that have influenced my live performances”

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Celldöd picks: “5 Albums that have influenced my live performances”

On the musical playground where the current producers informed by post-punk, EBM, industrial and early-day electro show their acquired skill a few stand out by their modern take on these age-old genres. While it is undeniable that there is much inspiration to derive from the Xerox copy, cut-up, Utopian times of the 80s and 90s the strength lies in the translation of that subversion to matters of today. The Swedish Anders Karlsson, better known as Celldöd, finds himself inspired by the DIY-approach of punk and ska, which he discovered in his youth. Later on electronic music played a role in the development of his taste to what it conveys now; an eclectic fuel for productions and live shows.
Exactly this brought us to ask him what would be the inspiration for his upcoming live show for Kess Kill in the famous Berghain Säule alongside Schwefelgelb, Rivet, Tomhet and Violet Poison. He gave us five albums which influenced his live performances and present an interesting insight in his musical psyche.


Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft ‎– Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen

This early album by DAF is a great example of the “everything goes” DIY attitude of the early electronic scene. Definitely more “punk” than “industrial” and yet still very experimental. Since I’m coming from a punk background, this album where crazy electronics meets guitars, acoustic drums and punk vocals (shouted in German) has always been a inspiration for me throughout the years.


Kraftwerk – Computer World

Kraftwerk is a great live band even in these days. But the live clips from the Computer World tour in the early 80s is really something spectacular. Sadly I didn’t have the chance to seem them live in those days, though the Computer World album is a classic by itself. This must be one of the most important albums ever released in the electronic music world. A cornerstone in electro, house and techno, combining futuristic sounds with stiff, yet incredible funky, dance rhythms.


Mark Stewart ‎– As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade

Mark Stewart’s first solo album after The Pop Group takes the sounds of early electro even further. Together with the out of this world production of Adrian Sherwood and the powerful funk mayhem from The Maffia (Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald) he created a disjointed masterpiece. Dub, Ska and reggae has always been a big part of my musical taste. The way Adrian Sherwood has always used (and abused) dub production and effects in a highly personal way has really inspired me to try to take all my influences from different genres to carve out a sound of my own. Both in the studio and live.


Various Artists‎ – Acid Trax Volume 2

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I’ve chosen this acid compilation from Trax Records released in 1988 because it was the first acid record I bought. When I heard acid house for the first time I was blown away. So raw, danceable and unique. The sound of acid fitted perfectly with my taste for dirty underground dance music. It was funk, disco, Kraftwerk, industrial and dance music of the past, all boiled down to it’s very core. Perfect club music.


SPK ‎– Leichenschrei

It’s not supposed to be funny all the time.