Vito Lucente picks: Griessmuehle (selective works)

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Vito Lucente picks: Griessmuehle (selective works)

Vito Lucente connects forgotten realms of past experiences, solitary encounters, and solemn thoughts in his works. His ambient work evokes the feeling of a spiritual lucid dream and elevates itself to being more than mere drones and field recordings. Vito also curates the series Riots in Brixton, a periodic journey into transcendental archives of sound. For this first edition, we asked Vito Lucente to explore ten of the tracks he handpicked for his performance at Griessmuehle on August 26th 2017, which promised to be a very special debut, and to shed light on the thoughts behind those pieces.

Mondkopf – Vivere, Parte 1 (In Paradisum)

My intro track by French based ambient drone producer Mondkopf on a label I sincerely admire In Paradisum. Instantly fell in love with this EP in its entirety (They Fall But You Don’t) and chose this track in particular because I felt it harnessed a sense of force and intensity that would carry through and set the tone for the story to follow.


+Plattform – Storn (Ploink)

Released his first full length LP “12” on the Ploink imprint, this track has an acutely organic groove yet manages to preserve a slow building rise of tension as it progresses. Galvanized by nature, projecting compelling elements and sinister remnants, suited pleasantly in the early stages of my set to allow me to further cultivate the aura in the space.


Antonio Ruscito – Form 3 (Edit Select Records)

Appropriately titled Form 3, this track is the perfect example of form and beauty. Engineered to precision, balance of all the elements in a very minimalist and transparent course yet intricate manner. Cloaked in ghostly and mysterious ambiance this track is all-­encompassing.


Leiras & Svreca – Linen (Ownlife)

Suited decorously with the aesthetic of the narrative I was seeking to channel, this track exemplifies the fundamental raw and authentic thumbprint of techno, loop based hypnotism but in contemporary fashion. The subtle elevated soundscapes and the driving rhythms propels you into the void.


Wata Igarashi – The Summon (Midgar Records)

Deep techno at it’s finest, on a label I adore dearly and have embraced since it’s dawning. It’s no secret I’m a noble adherent of Japanese musical productions of all forms, again here this track subsumes an exquisite harmony of ambiance, reprise, and hypnotism, a conduit to lose yourself in and surrender the fiber of your being on the dance floor.


Undveld – The Reach (Offworldcolonies)

Released on another favorite label of mine Offworldcolonies based in Sweden, a broken beat track by rising talent Undveld, this track wastes no time locking you in it’s powerful energy driven by it’s rising and falling lead, slowly and progressively sweeping you further and further into an abyss. One of the highlights of the night.


Fugal – Oil Panes (Second Nature)

Uplifting immersive techno courtesy of Fugal, a contributing member of Seattle based artist collective and label Second Nature. Assimilating authentic techno grooves with modern appeal. Fibrous percussive elements barricaded by ambient overtones, this track starts in your mind then transcends to your body and spirit.


Plaster – Transducer (Eklero)

Released on Eklero’s Vinyl/digital series this track is saturated with emotion, mood, and vigor, evoking a haunting and eerie essence that flourishes to otherworldly dimensions. The pulsating drones, dynamic accents and morbid voices propel the listener into a trance-­‐like state, flawlessly becoming for the latter half of the story.


Acronym – Purity (Northern Electronics)

In genuine Acronym style, this stunning composition released on the unparalleled Northern Electronics speaks for itself. Hard not to love this track, definitely a go-­to track at any given moment.


Vito Lucente – Relics Of An Antecedent Universe (Lett Records)

A very special track for me and one of the first I felt truly content and satisfied with after many years of production trials, experiments and misconceptions. Growing up listening mostly to acid music and maturing throughout my childhood via the evolution of techno, I felt this work was all encompassing of all my inspirations and experiences. Hints of acid accompanied by heavy base tones, vintage and powerful yet simple synth chords that ultimately manifest what I like to describe as melancholy and wretchedness, heaven and hell. It was a pleasure to finally play this at an exemplary venue and the very special city and people of Berlin.