Zenevloed HQ Picks: Favorites of 2017

….Picks gives the chance to an artist/collective to showcase sounds which have inspired a certain moment.

Zenevloed HQ Picks: Favorites of 2017

With 2017 creeping away and 2018 coming around the corner at quite a fast pace, we take the (nowadays) extravagant freedom to pause and think: What in 2017 left a lasting impression on us? Which performances inspired us? Any releases that have blown our mind to be remembered longer than a week? And what has potential to blossom in 2018?

With this Zenevloed HQ list, in no particular order, we choose to show more than a list of releases, tracks or artists. And maybe you will discover something new or something old (but new to us) before the year ends.


Crews and labels


Although being around for quite some time, A+W did not cease to make waves in the contemporary techno industry, 2017 has been especially favorable.

Ascetic House

This year’s major wave in releases incorporated a few cult releases from Somali Extract, Deep Pill and Boy Harsher. We can only hope for another batch of future classics in 2018.


This label presents a deliberate push towards a future, while being conscious of past and present. Always relatable, never cheesy, very happy to be introduced to their music.


Opal Tapes

Opal Tapes is one of those labels with an insane output, both in quantity as in quality. 2018 promises to be as relentlessly good, with a tape VA already announced.


Mind-blowing experimental electronic releases and a never-ending desire to explore the grey areas between genres and media. Link to a past interview: https://zenevloed.nl/music/exchange/oqko/

Their NYE showcase: https://www.facebook.com/events/731532873707973/


Nottingham based crew has proven this year that they are well aware of some fresh, underground, yet influential sounds. They have invited Manse and J. Tijn to play alongside their quality residents, pushing this distinct UK techno sound. We commend you to keep an eye on them in 2018.

Strange Rules

Led by Cremation Lily, Strange Rules’ output this year was amazing. Some favorites include: Leisure Scars CS, Diamond Hand CS, and Taking Care CS.

Veleno Viola

Veleno Viola pushes the sound of body-music, synth-punk, and industrial with a fresh array of artists. Great releases, clear identity.


777 Recordings @ ://about blank, Berlin


foto van 777 Recordings.


This party was a typical coinciding of good Berlin vibes, great people, and amazing fresh music. Highlights were D. Futers and Roger23.

Djrum @ The Industry, ://about blank w/ Lakker, Mumdance

This performance reignited the love for Djrums extensive oeuvre and amazing djing skills.

Isorinne @ The Tide_De Vloed, OCCII Amsterdam

(photo © Roger NBH/413 : photography + design)

Long awaited performance, amazingly executed. One for the books.

Schwefelgelb @ Radion Tropenrooster, Radion w/ Second Wave DJs

Atmosphere was charged with positive energy.

Sote @ TodaysArt Festival

Toxe @ TodaysArt Festival

Some serious magic was delivered by the Swedish artist Toxe. The setting was amazingly intimate.



AcronymMalm [Field Records]

Aktion Mutante – Internal Problem feat. Zanias – Aktion Mutante [She Lost Kontrol]

EP yet to be released, the previews leave us in great anticipation of the collaborative effort between Violet Poison and Unhuman.


Chafik Chennouf – Kosmai – Parallels and Influence part II [Leyla Records]

Leyla always delivers quality, but this particular tracks especially has stood out. Again, the freshness and fearlessness to deliver something slightly strange for the dancefloor is what makes it memorable.

DJ VarsovieVampires (I Hate Models “Sommeil Eternel” Remix) – Vampires [Intervision]

Deadly combination of an already insane track with the magic IHM delivers to this remix.

EuropaFacegrinder II (Fear And Loathing) – Facegrinder [Transatlantic]

Garrett – Angel Reflections – Private Life [Music From Memory]


KhotinNew Tab [Not on label]

A pure breathtaking journey through the seven skies and the depths of the sea.

Pessimist – Through The Fog – Pessimist [Blackest Ever Black]

Haunting and intricate, the eponymous album kicked off a great year for Pessimist.

Positive Centre – Hiding Knives (SHXCXCHCXSH Remix) – Reassembly [In Silent Series]

SHXCXCHCXSH always seem to find a balance between distortion and serenity, perfectly exemplified by their 2 releases on their new label Rösten. There is a religious aspect present in the darkness that defines their sound, none more captivating than this remix. Because obscurity deserves, and thrives with, a touch of light.

Smog – Seethe – Dual Exercise_I [oqko]

SoteSacred Horror In Design [Opal Tapes]

An amazing reinterpretation of traditional Iranian composition, accompanied with a breathtaking live show. The imprint it left was not skin-deep, yet the emotion travels straight to your heart.


The Caretaker Everywhere At The End Of Time (Stage Two) [History Always Favours The Winners]


This work by The Caretaker is just one of those albums you cannot help to fall in love with.


Yves Tumor – My Nose My Lips Your Head Shape – Experiencing The Deposit of Faith

Highlight of an album that is rich in emotion and range, possibly Yves’ best work to date. Almost feels like a follow-up to Limerence: melancholic beats with a one-sided dialogue that can put anyone in a nostalgic and pensive state. Self-reflection at its peak.