Zaumne presents: Can’t Sleep Tonight

Zaumne is the moniker of Polish musician Mateusz Olszewski. In the past few years, he has released music on labels like Magia, Perfect Aesthetics or Czaszka Rec. His next release Élévation soon to be released by Mondoj and initially commissioned by WET, is his first vinyl release. Blending elements of genres like ambient, dub, minimalism and tape music with ASMR samples, field recordings and spoken word, he creates work with deep emotional focus and impact. His mix for Zenevloed portrays a sleepless night full of flashbacks and inner turmoil.

Body Boys – Leg
Woo – Did You See
Valentina Goncharova – Higher Frequencies
The Hers – Tony
Maciej Wirmański – Wiatr który przyniósł nam zimę
Malibu – Held (ASMR)
Młody kotek & Niemy dotyk – Klub Puls
Virile Games – Firmament
Cindy Lee – I don’t want to fall in love again
Rabit – Starbelly_5
Thomas Köner – Teimo
Eliane Radigue – Jetsun Mila
Nate Scheible – „after work on monday afternoon”/together again
Philip Jeck – Saint Pancras
Plinth – Frey And Gulliburstin
Kevin Drumm – Romantic Sores