bod [包家巷]

Purchased of polyphony, God and his subjects are allowed to sing freely.

Sunlight, giving life equally, for beauty and trust in life’s small conflicts, demanding that I breathe steadily.

Forsaken by the wind as it watched my child die

Forgiven by my child as she gave birth to me


Jed Kurzel – Payload Deployment
Tom Hajdu and Andy Milburn – Wish Upon Official Trailer
Unknown Artists – SCORN Official Trailer
Unknown Artists – Transformers Sound FX pack demo
Yusaku Arai – Untitled
Ola Gjelo – O Magnum Mysterium (Serenity)
oxhy – left the village and crossed the stream knowing that they can’t return
Obsequies – Asthme
Unknown Artists – Halo Reach OST: Deliver Hope

Mix done by Bod [包家巷], LA based Chinese-American producer. Seeking the reinterpretation of classical forms in contemporary spirit, the work encourages an imagining of the clash of various periods with the context of geographical heritage and the expression of identity in music.