Chaperone (USA) presents his wonderful taste in ambient and abstract electronics. 100% a recording to space out to.

Gunnar Haslam – lalysas
Emmanuel & Lovelace – sun dawning on our paradise
Nadia – death & cicadas
Paulie Jan – Kimitake
Hitoshi Kojima – Close In
Kyle Flanagan – Laughing Cloud
Russ Waterhouse – Hopewell
Chaperone – ash wednesday, the triage
Cienfuegos – el ultimo circulo
Entrancer – Decline III (Chaperone edit)
Sunk – I Wanna Destroy
Chaperone – Parco Romano
Auton – Piperno In A Wig
Chaperone – Parco Romano
Chaperone – stranger waves
Kazumichi Komatsu – Never Saw The Devil Look So Damn Clean