Couronne de Merde presents: Limited Growth

“The heat is there, distorting faces and bodies as if they were wax. The sun calls for revenge; the earth mourns its future losses. Can you feel this bizarre atmosphere? The dampness is unbearable. Tipping points, everywhere. Stressed and starving people are begging for help like stray dogs, squeaking, and mumbling obscenities. You will be sooner or later in their position.

The present mix merges electronic rhythms, incantation music, movie samples and everydayness sounds in order to craft an apocalyptic journey through the vision of a blind, antique prince. Coronation of the moment. Devotion to what exceeds ud. Death is not eternal ; guilt is. Now, please listen without trying to understand.

Growth has its own limits.
Mankind has its own desires to die.
Maybe your heart is not dry yet ; hurry-up. ”