Miracle of Love presents: the Post-Industrial Tape

“Mixtape incentrato sulla scena post-industrial italiana ed europea degli anni ’80.”

Miracle of Love is a project by Lorenzo Corsetti: musician, producer and sound designer hailing from Rome, founding member of White Forest Records and Overture Militia Inc. Over the past decade, he has been steadily releasing music under a handful of different aliases.
Miracle of Love is a post-industrial original project, mainly influenced by the European industrial and power electronics scene, by the likes of Genocide Organ, Raison d’être, Atrax Morgue and more.

You Will Be Free LP will be distributed by Overture Militia Inc. on June
2019, and will be available both on digital stores and as a limited edition of total black CDs. The physical version contains a bonus rework by Devis G. from the renowned industrial project “Teatro Satanico” (Old Europa Café).


Track list:
Parte 1.
1. M.B. – Side A (Cold Tape, YHR Tapes, 1980)
2. F:A.R. – Side A (Da Consumarsi Con Grazia, ADN, 1985)
3. Zero Kama – Death Posture (The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H., Nekrophile Rekords, 1984)
4. New Risen Throne – Loneliness (Loneliness Of Hidden Structures, Cyclic Law, 2011)
5. LAShTAL – Ballata No. 7 (Thoum Aesh Neith, Nekrophile Rekords, 1986)
6. Mauthausen Orchestra – Part One (Murderfuck, Aquilifer Sodality, 1983)
7. M.B. – Mörder Unter Uns (Neuro Habitat, Urashima, 1982)
8. M.T.T. featuring Nurse With Wound & Ramleh ‎- Jesuspermary (Caught From Behind, Minus Habens Records, 1990)
9. Rosemary’s Baby – Side A (Magia Sexualis 1, Self-released, 1985)
10. Ain Soph – V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Ars Regia, Nekrophile Rekords, 1986)
11. Teatro Satanico – Confesso Tutto! (Confesso Tutto!, Punch Records, 2003)
12. Korpses Katatonik – Enzephallic Mortuor (Sensitive Liberated Autistiks, Nekrophile Rekords, 1983)
13. Tasaday (Nulla Iperreale) – Untitled (Tra Le Rovine Dei Sensi, Tasaday, 1983)
14. M.B. & Atrax Morgue – Tod (M. Plus T., Silentes, 2008)
15. Satanismo Calibro 9 – Secret Door (Kymah Rising, Old Europa Cafe, 2016)
16. Capricorni Pneumatici – Urem Tremon (Al-Azif, 666 Production, 1987)
17. Lyke Wake – The Long Last Dream (The Long Last Dream, Aseptic Noise, 1987)
18. Leibstandarte SS MB – Endoradiation (Weltanschauung, Come Organisation, 1982)

Parte 2.
1. Turbund Sturmwerk – Reunification (주체, DPKR, 2008)
2. Old Tower – The Rise Of The Specter Pt. 1 (The Rise Of The Specter, Tour de Garde, 2017)
3. Whitehouse – On Top (Birthdeath Experience, Come Organisation, 1980)
4. Prurient – Falling In The Water (Rainbow Mirror, Profound Lore – Hospital Productions, 2017)
5. Genocide Organ – God Sent Us I (Archive II, Tesco Organisation, 1988-2011)
6. Atomine Elektrine – Sepharial’s Lilith (The Second Moon, Old Europa Cafe, 2016)
7. Trepaneringsritualen – Death Worship (Yours Is a Kingdom of Death, Old Europa Cafe, 2017)