“A mix containing both upcoming Vaagner releases and artists that have inspired the label and myself as an individual in the past few months.”


Venetian Snares – Gottrahmen
Celer – The Carved God Is Gone; Waking Above The Piles Clouds
J. Carter – The Ropes Become Water As We Roll Together Towards Dawn
(Forthcoming Vaknar)
Sugai Ken – Shinobine/Okera
Dj Sprinkles – Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave) (Piano Solo)
Anthéne – Best Intentions [Vaknar]
Autumn Pool – Love Is Not Enough [Strange Rules]
Dedekind Cut – Hollow Earth [Kranky/Hospital Producitons]
PLXY – Gloryland [Ascetic House]
Cheekbone – Slower Eastwind [Muzan Editions]
Sarah Davachi – At Hand
Tomoko Sauvage – In Some Brighter Sphere
Jan Jelinek & Masayoshi Fujita – Undercurrent [Fatiche]