Rodrigo Garcia

The young DJ hailing from Argentina kicks off by gradually building up suspense whilst slowly introducing lively and vibrant sounds. While the mix has an erratic nature, it is very consistent in its motif; which certainly feels as if the artist tries to hypnotize you.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rodrigo Garcia is currently living in Barcelona and is the owner of the Diffuse Reality Records. He has been greatly influenced by 80’s Detroit techno music. Throughout time he has experimented with IDM sounds, which can be heard in his techno productions.

This podcast includes tracks by: DJ Skurge, Equinox, Joey Beltram, Scan 7, DJ Overdose, Santiago Salazar, Benvol, CODE 701, Ryogo Yamamori, Snuffo, Diffuse Reality, Vril, As Patria, Usurp, Squaric, Benales, Razeed, E110101, Katsunori Sawa, and more.