Rzeng + Drojji (live at Freeform, St. Petersburg)

We are happy to present you a recording of a joint live performance by two representatives of the Russian electronic experimental scene – Rzeng and Drojji.

Moscow based Free Dance electronic duo Drojji uses a combination of footwork energy and excessive tempo, narrative structures of pop music and methods of free improvisation to create a powerful yet ironic and unpredictable flow of information. Each piece they create is unique and exists as a combination of carefully selected message-providing materials and a certain state of mind native to EDM. Drojji explores a perceptional area on the borders of body and mind music, searching for the most appropriate way to reflect on the modern flexibility in the field of intensive data streams.

Rzeng is a beat-oriented project by the sound-artist based in St. Petersburg – Snezhana Reizen.
The subject of her sound studies considers microtonal, noise and polyrhythmic structures. The sound confirming the existence of the basic code, which is typical of both natural pulsations and certain patterns of synthetically created media.
In her new bit-oriented project “Rzeng”, she combining various layers of rhythmic flows (idm, broken beat, dnb, glitch, techno) with meditative overtones in it. Rzeng is a gearbox that switches times and states, a prayer to the error-god of the digital age in the noisy breathing of the ocean.

The concert took place at Freeform, with the support by Borcsh. personal thanks to Artem Timofeev. Cover by Lia Shell (generative art at the wall by Vadim Bioman).