The Dutch duo Wanderwelle gained much recognition with their picturesque soundscapes, intense, deep live sets, and warm musical atmospheres.
Their forthcoming album ‘Gathering of the Ancient Spirits’ on Silent Season has been much anticipated, and it is pretty sure that there are much more things to expect from Wanderwelle in the future.

This podcast is nothing but pure bliss.

Pauline Anna Strom – The Unveiling
Abul Mogard – House On The River
Grand River – Secondaria
Acronym – Final Descent
Stanislav Tolkachev – Why Are You So Frightened
Pablo’s Eye – Double Language
Isorinne – 3:29
Rune Bagge – Cold Plains
Albert van Abbe – Function D (Guy Tavares Monologue)
Varg – Salem I
Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin – You Come With Me
Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Alguse Udu
E-Saggila – Alternative Street
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S – Bensin i Storkågetrask
Rune Bagge – Simple Dreams
Aphex Twin – Tha
Skee Mask – VLI