Premiere: Hviledag – Før [A Quiet Room Recording]

As his first full-length release, Hviledag has created ‘Over Mellem Under’. The album revitalizes archived recordings and ideas through post-production, recontextualization and timbral manipulation. The albums reflective tone creates moments of stoic melancholy to prolonged states of serene bliss. Fragmented and unexpected acoustical elements are manipulated and woven together in electronic soundscapes and Hviledags insisting exploration of slowness sets expectations of the listener while being able to effortlessly slide in the background.

A1. Hviledag – under
A2. Hviledag – mellem rum
A3. Hviledag – (bl)id
B1. Hviledag – før
B2. Hviledag – ophold
B3. Hviledag – efter

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