View on: RAW I ADE Closing Party

RAW is a Paris based events and booking agency, born out of the new underground resurgence of France’s capital.

In the past few years Paris has played host to some of the most interesting warehouse parties  that the country has ever seen. With an array of different genres and styles, this city has quickly become synonymous with forward thinking events encapsulating the spirit of the underground.

For their first event overseas, RAW is moving to the industrial H7 warehouse for the final night of ADE.

Bridging the gap between old school 90s techno with the likes of CJ Bolland, Thomas P. Heckmann and Morbeck; and the new industrial tinged techno that is making the rounds at the moment. RAW is bringing an edge to ADE programming by forging an atmosphere based on true rave music.

We are most excited to see Drax after his “3rd Decade” release on Perc trax, some liquescent hard acid will be a serious treat. We will also be graced by the Italian rave master known as D.Carbone, this gritty high BPM techno  is sure to shake your soul after the busy ADE week.

This line up does however bring into question the reasoning behind artistic curation behind techno. We rarely see multiple generations of artists represented on the same line up, even though there a clear similarities in style and sound structure between these different scenes.

A lot of newer artists will have been heavily influenced by the 90s and allowing these to share a stage could bring to light some very interesting sets.  
Perhaps this is a first step in having a broader look at electronic music event curation. Seeing a larger range of artists and styles represented is a step in the right direction.

We look forward to RAW and to seeing all the sets in this beautiful industrial location. See you there.